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Nice MOFB Photocell

The Nice MOFB photocells are detectors (type D according to EN standard EN 12453) which can be used for automation of gates. They reveal obstacles situated on the optical axis between the transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX).

These photocells are equipped with a "BlueBus" communication system. This means they can easily be connected up to the control unit of all the devices using two wires only. All the photocells are quite simply connected in parallel, and the addressing jumpers selected according to the function required.

The non-adjustable version of the MOFB can be used as long as the surface the device will be fastened to is flat and allows correct TX-RX centering.

The Nice MOFB photocells can be used along with the new "FT210B" series of devices. The FT210B device uses the "Blue-BUS" technology and resolves problems related to the electrical connection of sensitive edges on the mobile leaf.

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